Forum Thread: Fake Black Tears?

So I'm making this short film about a girl that materializes her envy by expelling a fish/buglike creature FROM HER EYES. Visual FX (Maya, 3DS Max, etc.) could do the trick, but post production is expensive and we have no real budget for it. The monster will actually be a physical puppet, so that's covered.

The protagonista starts progressively LEAKING out the liquid the bug is made of through her eyes. She starts with a few tears, than gradually goes to a cascade of this liquid. The substance is supposed to be liquid and first and then begin to solidify once it gets to the big burst of it.

Any suggestions on how to make it seem this liquid comes out of her eyes? I hope to be able to upload a few shots soon. Thanks in advance!


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I would say that the only way to do that is to animate your own fluid which can be quite hard, you could do this in maybe like blender which is free or cinema 4d... I would show her crying and then cut to the liquid emerging and turning on the ground or so, there are tutorials on transforming in ae cs6 and the crying can be done with make up like this...

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