How To: Apply a wolfman werewolf prosthetic

Apply a wolfman werewolf prosthetic

In this how to video, you will learn how to apply werewolf makeup. You will need the gelatin werewolf prosthetic grease paint. First, apply adhesive to the face. Next, place the prosthetic on. Push firmly on to the face to make sure it sticks properly. The lip area has to be applied tightly. The brow area and ride will also move a lot, so make sure there is a lot of adhesive. Use the gelatin blender on the sides. Work away from the edge on to the face. Use the sealer to make a uniform surface for the paint. Apply the base layer of the paint with a sponge and brush for the creases. Work the paint into the hair line. Darken the nose and add shadows to the eyes. Next, use a lighter tone to the highlight the wrinkles and bone structure. Pat on some talc to get rid of shine and set the grease paint. Apply a matte makeup sealer to prevent the adhesive from dissolving the pant. For the hair, choose black and dark brown. Apply the adhesive in a thin film and do small sections of hair at a time. Make sure to apply the hair in thin layers Use the finger to speed up the tacking process. Press a flat surface on the hair and gently pull to remove any hair that is not sticking. work from the outside edges in. The last sections you will apply will be very thin and inside the face. Use lighter mixes of hair in this area. Now carefully trim and style the hair. You can use fangs as well to finish off the look.

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