How To: Do a prosthetic skin tear effect

Do a prosthetic skin tear effect

Conner is going to show us how to make a prosthetic skin tearing special effect for use in movies. First you need to get some liquid latex, some coagulated blood, and a paint brush. First paint a layer of liquid latex on the area that you want to have the tear away skin. Once it's dry, peel up one edge of the latex, this should make it easier later on when you want to tear away. Using a low angle and your hand to cover the latex at first, record the actor pulling the 'skin' away. Before the 'skin' is completely removed stop record and go get the coagulated blood. Using the paint brush, apply the blood to the liquid latex area and the area where the 'skin' had been peeled off. Film your actor pulling the rest of the liquid latex off. During editing make sure to darken the blood for a more realistic look and have fast cuts to the skin tearing so the audience doesn't have time to tell whether it's real or not.

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