How To: Make a Bigfoot costume for film or Halloween

Make a Bigfoot costume for film or Halloween

This fun video shows you how to make an inexpensive Bigfoot costume for Halloween. You will need an old pair of shoes, an old wig, a bald cap, brown makeup, crepe hair, old newspaper, a foam head, a few spray paint lids, a bottle of spirit gum, liquid latex, and modeling clay. This should cost you less than $30. First build up the shape of the face on the styrofoam head with clay. Make sure to add ugly details to your face like a large nose and brow ridge. Next, add seven to ten even layers of latex. Once they are completely dry, simply powder and remove the latex face. To create the feet, wad up old newspaper and attach it to your old shoes to create oversized toes. Add plastic nails to the toes by cutting the shape from old spray can lids and hot gluing them to the toes. Add a layer of liquid latex around the toes. Paint them and glue on the fur. When dressing, make sure you wear a bald cap and darken around the eyes. Use liquid latex to apply the half-face. Darken the face with makeup. Next add the hair using spirit gum and 2 different shades of crepe hair. Use the same hair and makeup on the hands. The information to make the fur suit is provided in a different episode. When you put all the pieces together, you have a cheap way to make your own Bigfoot costume.

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