How To: Make Your Very Own Hobbit Pipe—The Only Way to Smoke Pipe-Weed

Make Your Very Own Hobbit Pipe—The Only Way to Smoke Pipe-Weed

A new trailer for Peter Jackson's Hobbit movie arrived recently, and it continues to look pretty awesome. If you're gearing up for the midnight premiere on December 14th, why not get into the spirit early by making your very own Hobbit pipe?

In the film, the Hobbits smoke from signature rustic, wooden pipes with a very homemade look to them. Instructables user handcraftsup makes his own versions out of tree branches of what he believes real Hobbit pipes would like like.

The tools he uses include an axe, sander, and drill—nothing you couldn't get from any hardware store. It'll take some work, but the authentic look is definitely worth it.

So what are you waiting for, check out his tutorial videos, and smoke in style with your own Hobbit pipe! They're perfect for smoking pipe-weed (aka Halflings' Leaf). Or just normal tobacco.

If you don't want to use power tools, how else would you make a Hobbit pipe? Whittling?

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u could use a bone i guess

You could... One might wonder what animal you took it from though...

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