How To: Become Heath's Ledger's Joker with makeup and latex

Become Heath's Ledger's Joker with makeup and latex

And... here… we... go!

This Halloween you'll be the Joker, the wry character Heath Ledger revitalized in the film "Dark Knight," but how? This video tutorial will teach you all of the little tricks to becoming Heath Ledger's Joker with simple makeup.

First you'll want to apply some lip and smile scars with liquid latex, then add the white or cream makeup to your face. After that, it's time to darken the eyes with eye shadow. Next, add some final details and apply the red lipstick. Now you're ready for the Joker green hair; use styling gel and green dye.

Batman won't be able to stop you know, unless he's at the Halloween party, too.

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