How To: Make Realistic Fluffy Cloud Props from Things Around the House

Make Realistic Fluffy Cloud Props from Things Around the House

If you need a cloudy background for a photo or video, you can always turn an old aquarium into a DIY cloud tank. But, if you want something more fun and less creepy, these fluffy cloud props by Serena Thompson might be more what you're looking for. It'd even make a good Halloween costume if you tweak it a little.

Images via The Farm Chicks

All you need is some balloons, tape, flour, newspaper, and a bunch of pillow stuffing. Serena made them by taping balloons together and applying a mixture of water and flour, then covering the balloons in strips of newspaper.

Image via The Farm Chicks

Once they dried, she used a spray adhesive to attach the stuffing all over the outside. And that's all there is to it. No more complicated than the papier-mâché crafts you forced your parents to display in the living room in elementary school, just a lot softer.

Image via The Farm Chicks

Check out Serena's tutorial for more details and photos.

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Just now need to figure out a way to attach the balloons while maintaining opacity so that you could throw some leds in there to make lightning

I too was wondering how to make this using lights. Your suggestion is perfect and not at all too late for me. Thank you.

I know that I'm posting this FIVE years too late, but...paper lanterns work much better than balloons and papier-mâché. The lanterns aren't messy and, because they're hollow, you can place flashing lights in them for lighting effects.

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