How To: Build a blue Eryndor boffer sword

Build a blue Eryndor boffer sword

All you LARPers out there, watch and see how you can make a blue boffer sword for LARPing. This weapon passes all weapons specs as of Ragnarok XXI War Council for Eryndor.

To start making this Eryndor blue sword, you'll need some PVC pipe, DAP, electrical tape, duct tape, blue foam, a hacksaw, paintbrush, knife, and ruler. This animated tutorial will show you every step to making the blue sword, like preparing the PVC, building the sword blade foundation, completing the blade, duct taping the blade, building the pommel, cloth covering the blade, and finishing the boffer sword. Live action role playing won't get any better than this.

Notes: This blue sword tutorial is definitely an old-school design that Eryndor has modified since then. If you are a new chapter and are clueless about blue sword design, this is the resource for you. However, if you are a slightly more advanced user, we recommend you make the following adjustments to the tutorial:

1. When finishing the pommel, wrap duct tape from the core (handle) over the bottom of the pommel back up to the core several different times at angles. This reinforces the pommel to the core.
2. This tutorial was made before Dagorhir instituted a 12 ounce weight minimum. Be sure to make your blade long enough to meet the 12 ounce minimum.
3. Make the cloth cover go over the entire length of the sword blade, down to the hand grip, then cinch it with duct tape.
4. Since many inexperienced weapon checkers 'dig' into the tip of the flat blade, which ruins the sword, we recommend you put an extra blue foam 'cap' on both sides of the tips of the flat of the blade.

Build a blue Eryndor boffer sword

Build a blue Eryndor boffer sword Click through to watch this video on

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