How To: Build a foam boffer sword for awesome LARPing

Build a foam boffer sword for awesome LARPing

Need a new foam boffer sword? Can't get into a LARPing event without it? Well, you better steal one, or make one, but this video will show you how to do the latter.

With a slightly humorous touch, this video tutorial will take you step-by-step through making an awesome boffer sword with a little PVC, thick pipe foam, duct tape, electrical tape, tape measure, and a hacksaw.

So get that live action role-playing out of your system with a brand new foam boffer sword, to kick some serious LARPing ass!

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"thicker... 3/8ths"

Ha! Try 5/8ths and up, 3/8ths is too thin, especially with 3/4ths inch pvc.

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