How To: Build your own Iron Man Repulsor Arm

Build your own Iron Man Repulsor Arm

If you love Iron Man 2 and wish you could have his gadgets or want to have a cool costume for Halloween, you too, can be Iron Man once you're done watching this video. This tutorial will walk you through the steps needed to convert household materials and inexpensive items you can find at virtually any store into an Iron Man suit repulsor arm.

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sir can you make a paper craft of iron man's helmet??? please

cool could you build me one and send it to this adress 68 Arthur Street Bentley Doncaster UK and this post code DN5 0PT

can you make a ironman chest plate!!

What glue do I need

Hi, I would love to make my own steampunk (worbla) version of this project, only I find myself unable to find the papercraft stencils as mentioned in this instructable.. could you please send me the link? Thanks in advance

This looks really good, but when I try to go to the website with the templates, it does not work. Could you please put them in a pdf then put the pdf on here? Or just put a photo of them on here? Because they are the main part of this whole design.

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