How To: Create Heath Ledger's Joker makeup from "Batman"

Create Heath Ledger's Joker makeup from "Batman"

Just think what would have happened if Heath Ledger wasn't the Joker in "Batman: The Dark Knight." It wouldn't have been the same at all. It was a far improvement over Jack's version of the Joker in the previous installments of the film series.

This video tutorial will teach you how to create Heath Ledger's Joker makeup from "Batman." This makeup can be easy to create authentically with a few simple steps. Grab some face makeup and liquid latex and you're ready to put together your perfect Halloween Joker costume.

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great joker makeup video!

RIP heath ledger

For the best costume, you should wear the nurse costume along with the joker face....

I'm always into cross dressers!

Latex in the hair. Not a good look.

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