How To: Create ink drop & spread effects

Create ink drop & spread effects

In this tutorial, we learn how to create ink drop and spread effects. You will need: coffee filters, fish tank, dropper, black ink, water, and a bowl. Next, pour water into your fish tank, then pour your ink into the dropper. After this, add in water into the bowl and place the coffee filter in it to soak it, then place it on a flat surface. For the first effect, drop the ink into your water and see what it looks like when you drop it into the tank, getting this on tape and using the proper lighting. After this, drop the ink on the filter paper and show what it looks like when it starts to spread out onto the paper. When finished, these elements can be combined into your choice of design and you will be finished!

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Hi there,

What are the best camera setting for this?
My camera is focusing on the glass rather than the ink spread itself, how do I avoid this?


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