How To: Do advanced green screen tricks

Do advanced green screen tricks

Interested in learning how to do advanced green screen tricks to show a subject flying? After this tutorial, you'll be a pro. How to launch: Light the screen and the subject. Frame the subject so that you do not see their feet on the ground. Do this by cutting off the lower 1/3 of the subject. Sell the effect by using a fan from above. Add in a background which works with the flying that you are trying to achieve. How to fly: Have a prop that you can use for effect that can be cut out later (a bench, a chair, etc). Frame the prop so that the prop is cut out. Bring in the fan to blow air in the subjects face and make it look like they are flying. Make sure the subject sells the effect by acting like they are flying. Match the location to what the subject is doing. Now you have the tips and tricks to make any person look like Superman!

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