How To: Make a blood spurting knife wound

Make a blood spurting knife wound

It's time for Halloween, maybe it's time for your ultimate independent horror movie you've been dying to make, whatever the case may be, you're going to need some blood, you're going to need some weapons... you're going to need a bloody knife wound.

Kip Kay and Make Magazine show you how to make the perfect, gory, Hollywood-style bloody knife wound with spine-tingling results! This is perfect for Halloween fun or film creepiness.

In order to make this bloody knife wound, get out a Dremel, safety glasses, vice, knife, thin plastic tubing, a squeeze ball, hot glue gun, glue, fake blood or cornstarch, etc. etc.

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informative, can't wait to try it!

dude. this is fake.

damn do it in u're neck

very good!!! very nice trick! i like it !!!1!1!11 no. 11111



AMAZIN...... but ma motivation has gone now lol

ggggghhhhh the demonic knife rocking is sick! Love it!

for a 'bloody weekend'

for a 'bloody weekend'

im gonna freak my friend who alwayz freaks me out. he's gonna pee up himself!

Tooo hard to make ! First my mom don't let me second i am 12 yr old kid and 3ed I don't have theses equipment so sorry can't make that!!!!!

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