How To: Make cheap prop eyeballs for Halloween

Make cheap prop eyeballs for Halloween

Super cheap eyeballs without breaking the bank! While grapes are the safe standard to spook out trick or treaters, they don't look very realistic. For this project, you will need clear spray paint, white spray paint, black spray paint, blue acrylic paint, black acrylic paint, red acrylic paint, coat hanger or wire, tweezers, an artist's brush, a foam ear plug, a rag, sanding block or sanding paper, and bouncy balls. Watch this video prop-making tutorial and learn how to make cheap prop eyeballs for Halloween.

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Hello! I just wanted to thank you for this video! It really helped! :)

Thanks, watched a couple of videos

(Q-tips work great for something like the pupil)

Thanks, these will go great with my Clockwork Orange Alex deLarge costume!

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