How To: Make cheap, realistic, fake blood

Make cheap, realistic, fake blood

In this tutorial, we learn how to make cheap, realistic, fake blood. This is easy and cheap and looks great depending on how well you mix it and follow directions. This is safe and won't hurt you or anyone else. You will need: corn syrup (any brand or kind), cocoa baking powder, red and blue food coloring, water, and vanilla extract (optional). Start out by pouring the corn syrup into a bowl, until half way filled. Next, add in around 5 or six drops of red and mix it together. Then, add in a couple of spoonfuls of the cocoa powder (around 2 tbsp) and mix together until well combined. Now, add in one drop of the blue food coloring and continue to mix together. If this is too thick for you, add in some water and mix together again. Add in the vanilla if you want it to smell better and you're finished! Add in more coloring if you want the color to change, then enjoy your fake blood, have fun!

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