How To: Make Dark Knight Joker makeup

Make Dark Knight Joker makeup

Want to make makeup like the Joker? Watch this how to video.
Products used:
MEHRON Modeling Putty Wax
MEHRON Fantasy F-X White face makeup
Avon Big Color Eye Crayon in Night Glisten
Disguise Stix Soap-Based Red Paint
MEHRON Tooth F-X Nicotine/Decay tooth paint
GRAFTOBIAN Premium Concentrated Color Hair Spray (Green)

1. Don't set this look with any powder! You want it to sweat, smear, smudge, and essentially, come off!

2. Guys: SHAVE!! If you're going to go all out for this look, don't try to cover your facial hair, it won't work! If you want to try anyway, get some hair-covering wax and then cover that up. It'll be itchy, though, I'm warning you now.

3. When applying the
face putty, try to make it as thin as possible, then layer on top of it. You'll have to play with it to get it the right consistency. Practice on your arm first, before you start slapping it on your face and making a mess.

4. The less brushes you use, the better. Try doing it all with your fingers! I really like the effect I got from applying the white with a sponge, but your fingers can get the same uneven, smudgey effect!

5. DO NOT paint your teeth if they are capped or crowned, or if you have fillings or braces! This product is non-toxic, but it could stain any dental work permanently (it doesn't permanently stain your real teeth, though).

6. For your hair, wet it down really well so it's stringy, then take a really heavy, crunchy hair gel or heavy hair wax and scrunch it into your hair while you blow dry it. After it's dry, spray the temporary green hairspray all over your hair. Spraying it on dry hair should make it brighter. Also, be careful spraying super blonde, bleached, dyed, or damaged hair... it could stain permanently. Oh yeah... and please spray in a well-ventilated area.

7. All the products (except the eye crayon) cost me $19.87 at a costume store here in town. The eye crayon was only $4, I think, out of an Avon catalog, but you can

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something easier to use rather than putty would be "rigid collodion"

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