How To: Make DIY Hatsume Miku Vocaloid headphones for cosplay

Make DIY Hatsume Miku Vocaloid headphones for cosplay

Vocaloids have to be one of the weirdest of the many weird things to ever emerge from Japan. They are basically synthesizer software programs that can sing any song a user creates in the voice of a character created for that Vocaloid. The queen of these Vocaloid characters is Hatsune Miku, who has become something of a cosplay darling since her software caught on. This video will show you how to make her cosplay replicas of her iconic headphones.

From the Creator:

Materials Needed:
1) Headphones
2) Black cardboard
3) Black corrugated Plastic board
4) silver/Gold/White Markers
5) Formatics Form
6) Black Duct tape/ Masking tape
7) Ruler
8) Scissors or Penknife
9) UHU Por Glue
10) Metallic Red & Yellow papers
11) Pencil & scrap paper

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