How To: Make fake breakable glass, also known as sugar glass

Make fake breakable glass, also known as sugar glass

Want to crack a bottle over your friends head, but you don't really want to hurt him? Okay, well, you won't learn that here, but you will learn how to make breakable glass to knock him over the head with a pasta dish. Sugar glass, yeah!

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This video was pretty helpful. Unfortunately, it looks like their assessment was pretty accurate: it's not very high quality. After a few tries you can figure out how to avoid letting it turn really brown/yellow, but I couldn't get it to be completely clear. If you practice pouring it really thin on a perfectly level surface, you can minimalize this effect (it only looks yellow on the edges/breaks). I'm thinking you might be able to neutralize the yellow with a little blue or purple food dye, but I haven't had time to try it. Also, there's always a few random bubbles in it. Don't know how to fix that one, though. : (

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