How To: Make a Freddie Krueger glove

Make a Freddie Krueger glove

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a Freddie Krueger glove. You will need: a saw, sandpaper, silver spray paint, black paint, brown paint, old glove, tin from a can, plexi glass, shiny cardboard, and a hot glue gun. Start off by using your paper roll to cut off a strip of it that will start on the joints of your hands, then cut this in half. After this, make a cut in the top of it and on the sides of it. Do this again for the four fingers, then wrap it around the glove fingers. After this, wrap the top with duct tape so they stay in place. Next, fold your tin so it goes onto the top of the fingers. After this, take shiny cardboard and place it underneath the cardboard fingers and stick them on. To finish this, you will want to spray paint the fingers to look like metal, then paint the rest of the glove black and brown!

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