How To: Make a level three foam boffer sword for LARPing

Make a level three foam boffer sword for LARPing

If you're a LARP maniac, or just a fan of LSD-themed (Latter-day Saint) games and activities, then you can't miss out on this. Check this video out to learn how to make a foam-padded sword that is easy and inexpensive. This level three boffer sword will take care of your LARPing opponents like Chuck Norris. If you're a fan of live action role-playing, then this boffer sword is the best of the best for kicking serious ass.

This tutorial assumes that you have already become familiar with the supplies and techniques covered in the level one and two foam boffer sword videos. This sword may be more complex to make, but it is very durable. So, LARP away!

Warriors of the Promised Land, get out there and LARP right now!

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you love your duck tape

looks like square a mac guyver made dildo...

I rather use the real thing...

I was wondering if there were any good guides to Axe boffers or axe larp weapons..I can't seem to find any :(

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