How To: Make a military-style night vision goggles prop

Make a military-style night vision goggles prop

Night vision goggles are one of the iconic pieces of equipment of the modern military. Getting a real pair is prohibitively expensive, especially if you just want to use it as a prop in your film instead of actually seeing at night. This video features instructions for making your own set of prop night vision goggles for cheap, giving any action or spy movie that you are making a much more modern, authentic feel. Also, now your characters can see at night, opening up all sorts of potential scenes.

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is that just a toy for kids to play with or can you really see through the binoculars? Because you've glued papers with LED ligts on it and it's totally blocked up to see anything throughout! Or did i see it wrong?

Up for an army look... :) Soon I'mma be one. :) not entirely, though. :)

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