How To: Make the quick-draw sleeve gun from "Taxi Driver"

Make the quick-draw sleeve gun from "Taxi Driver"

This video tutorial from IndyMogul shows you how to make the quick-draw sleeve gun from "Taxi Driver".

Robert De Niro built it in Scorsese's "Taxi Driver," but Erik Beck from INdy Mogul builds it for cheap! In this episode, Erik builds the infamous Quick-Draw Sleeve Gun that is most recognizable in the 1976 film "Taxi-Driver," but also appears in "Desperado" and "Alien Resurrection." Using the slider from a drawer and masterful welding, Erik creates his own version of this secret weapon.

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I was going to build this but I got tired of hitting rewind because it goes to fast and leaves out a lot. Like how and where is he attaching the tubing??? Maybe he should speed up the lame jokes and slow down and actually explain the whole build instead of trying to think of his next lame joke.

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