How To: Make realistic custom vampire fangs

Make realistic custom vampire fangs

Clean out the empty bottle that you are going to use. You can use a white dish-washing soap bottle or a cleaning agent bottle. Just make sure it is empty and clean. Use the pen to draw a wide rectangle that measures 3 inches long by 1/4 inch wide onto the bottle. The teeth you are making are going to stretch from either side of your canine teeth above and over your two front teeth. This will help them be more secure. Draw this onto a part of the bottle where it is curved. Draw two vampire teeth coming out from each end of the rectangle. Make them curved inwards, about 1 inch long. Cut out the rectangle and teeth from the bottle with the scissors. Use the emery board to file down rough edges, snags and uneven edges. Bend the curve in the plastic so it stays put. Insert the rectangle part of the fangs up in between your front teeth and your upper lip, so it sticks in that area. Let go of the teeth and make sure they stay put up in the top of your upper lip.

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