How To: Make a realistic Fallout 3 dart gun prop

Make a realistic Fallout 3 dart gun prop

One of the many reasons for the Fallout series enduring popularity is the wide variety of creative and retro-futuristic weapons available for the player to lay waste with. Most of them are not real, but by gumption this girl has made one of them so! This video will show you how to make something like, but probably not as good-looking as, this amazing replica of the dart gun from Fallout 3. It's made of pretty much the same materials you make it out of in the game, and might be the single best video-game-to-real-world prop we've seen. If you can make this, big ups. Seriously big ups.

From the creator:

Here's what you need:
paint gun
piece of wood
toy car
surgical tubing
Gorilla Glue
Super Glue
toy train tracks
metal pieces (like the ones on cabinets)

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