How To: Make realistic Wolverine claws out of plastic scythes

Make realistic Wolverine claws out of plastic scythes

If you are shooting a film with featuring the iconic X-Men team member Wolverine or want to dress yourself or someone else as him for some other reason, the claws are the most important part. They're what makes Wolverine Wolverine, at least externally (he didn't always have chops Hugh Jackman you studmuffin you!) and the ones you use had better look good if your costume is going to be a hit. This video will show you how to make some very authentic-looking Wolverine claws at home out of some simple materials, most notably six plastic scythes from a Halloween or toy store.

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This is great!! Thank you! I'm shopping for stuff for next year's costume, and as soon as I saw this, I ran to the dollar store for the materials. Great idea!

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