How To: Make a Saw 2 death mask

Make a Saw 2 death mask

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a Saw 2 death mask. Start off by grabbing an old helmet and covering it with plastic wrap. Then, make paper mache over it. From here, cut a piece of rubber into small strips. Then, draw and cut three stripes on a piece of cardboard. Then, use two strips for the shoulders and one for around your waist. Then, make the front chest piece with cardboard. From here, make a square with Styrofoam and cut out a piece of an egg carton. Now, draw the eyes and mouth on the helmet and cut it out. Put small cardboard circles all over this, then glue the Styrofoam and egg pocket together. Finish this off by painting the mask and then the body piece. Try it on and then you're done!

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