How To: Make your own vampire fangs

Make your own vampire fangs

Scare the crap out of your folks with this one. Or scare the crap out of your audience if you're making a low budget film, because these suckers will impress. Realistic vampire fangs! You can't beat them.

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i want to do this so bad >:D
but i have some questions
do you have to have already had braces?
i havent had them yet but i wanna do this like right now (:< and when it says 3 oz + 3 oz what are the 2 liquids your mixing?
thanks (:

idk how to do it but if you find out tell me cause i want to do it to and having braces before you do it id probably a good idea

oh lol and heres a link for your question :D

hey yes this is a real pic of me...any who how do you do this i wanna show a friend

kali, if your going to use my pic dont say it's you.

the names Alissan Gardner.

Quit pretending to be me.

The video was good but I didn't like some of the methods.

scared my friend with this and it was funny

you know instead of useing the nasty tasteing seaweed thing you can buy a mouth guard from Wal-Mart for 2 bucks. get the one you have to boil it makes a full cast of your teeth for the negative mold and dosent taste that bad.

I maaaay have to try this or something else for an Alucard Cosplay....^-^

hey what did they make the fangs off :P ? I am form Norway so I dont know if i can get the same material .

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