News: The Eliot Spitzer Memorial How-To: Part II

The Eliot Spitzer Memorial How-To: Part II

Duhhhh. How to disguise that Spitzer face.

Hell. Spitzer used an alias of a hedge fund buddy George Fox. Eliot should have gone one logical step further. Make a compelling disguise.

George Fox, a friend and campaign contributor of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, said on Tuesday he was disappointed and distressed by a report that said Spitzer used his name as an alias when contacting a prostitution ring.

Fox, a hedge fund investor, said the discovery of his name in the sex scandal engulfing Spitzer "comes as a great surprise and disappointment."

Perhaps if Eliot as client number 9 had disguised his famous face, the prostitutes might not have identified him as the Governor of New York.

Don't get me wrong. I am glad he did not get away. I have not enjoyed a story this much in decades.

Thoughtful tutorials for those above the law.

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What about makeup to look younger, I already look like that old man!

this is solid
i wish they used a girl

What hello? Harry Potter?Hello?

I've got to use this infinite knowledge to mess with the unsuspecting public!!

Great thanks. This really helped me with a project for school.

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