How To: Use FX to shrink yourself into a miniature village

Use FX to shrink yourself into a miniature village

Rick Vanman reveals the secrets to professional video effects using your own computer software. Position your model houses into a setup of your liking. Take a picture of the houses with a digital camera using the macro setting. Edit your picture in Photoshop. Disguise any unwanted objects with the cloning tool. Separate the foreground and the background of the picture into 2 different layers. Film yourself in front of a green screen. Key out the green with your video editing software. Using your video editing software, separate the video footage, background, and foreground into 3 different layers. The foreground layer should be the top layer, the background should be the bottom, and the video layer should be placed in between the two. Adjust the shape and scale of the video footage to your liking. Following this tutorial, you'll impress your viewers with this simple video special FX.

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