How to Become the Joker, a vampire or a zombie for Halloween

Leah D'Emilio from Mahalo Daily meets up with Maurice Stein, founder of Cinema Secrets in Burbank, CA to learn a few tricks of the trade for Halloween makeup. This video tutorial will show you how you can do three awesome looks for under twenty bucks from makeup artist, Taco: Vampire Kiss, Zombie, and the Joker.

Most people this Halloween will be the Joker, epitomized by Heath Ledger in the latest Batman movie, "The Dark knight." With a little liquid latex and a little makeup and a little cash (emphasis on "little"), you could easily become the Joker. If the Joker's not your style, there's always vampires and zombies. Vampire costumes and blood never seem to get old during the holidays. The same goes for zombie effects and BRAINS!

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